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  • Ex-SANDF Surplus Uniforms Just Arrived!
    Ex-SANDF Surplus Uniforms...

    We have just received stock of never used, never worn Ex-SANDF Nutria Brown Uniforms. Items include: Short and Long Sleeve Shirts Combat Trousers Long Sleeve Jerseys Bush Jackets Bush Hats Scarves Stock and sizes are limited! Click here for info on Ex-SANDF Surplus items. Click here to view our current Specials. If you haven't already done so, please like and follow us on Facebook @tacticaldistriburorssa. Please subscribe t

  • Redline Disposable Alcohol Testers/Breathalysers are available from TDSA!
    Redline Disposable Alcohol...

    Redline Disposable Alcohol Testers/Breathalysers are available from TDSA and we have stock! Redline Breathalysers are easy to use. Within two minutes, anyone can test whether they or someone else are within the legal alcohol limit. Anyone can use the breathalyser without training. Tests are conducted quickly and results are available almost immediately.​ Be socially responsible and: Test Yourself Test Your Friends and Family Test Your

  • Seek Thermal Products Now Available from TDSA!
    Seek Thermal Products Now...

    Thermal Imaging is finally affordable and accessible! The Seek Thermal Range of thermal imaging products offers easy to use and affordable products for a wide array of applications. Besides security, surveillance, detection, tracking, hunting and recovery, Seek Thermal products can also be used for a wide range of commercial and industrial purposes such as water, moisture, air leak detection, thermal audits, blocked pipes etc. The list goes on