Join the Mission to Save Africa's Forest Elephants

Join the Mission to Save Africa's Forest Elephants

The African Forest Elephant Foundation (AFEF) ( is working to fight the fast decline toward extinction of the forgotten forest elephants of Central and West Africa, who unbeknown to the world are suffering a worse fate than their savannah cousins. AFEF aims to protect and preserve the place of these elephants, along with their African rainforest habitat, into the future.

Through its Boots on the Ground project to establish habitat security, AFEF is equipping with high quality equipment 500 rangers and eco-guards across Central & West Africa who work tirelessly out in the field every day to protect forest elephants and their habitat. As part of phase 2 of the project, AFEF partnered with the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) to equip the rangers of the Ziama forest in Guinea who are protecting Guinea’s last population of forest elephants, to ensure that these rangers are able to conduct their daily activities in anti-poaching and bio-monitoring safely and effectively.

Tactical Distributors SA supplied AFEF with high quality patrol backpacks, durable jungle boots and socks that will not only assist these rangers with their everyday duties in the Ziama forest but will also remind the rangers that they are valued and vital to the survival of the forest and all wildlife that inhabits it.

Photos courtesy of 'Callum Gerrish / AFEF’.

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