Byrna HD Less Lethal Pepper Kits and Accessories Back in Stock!

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We have received stock of Byrna HD Less Lethal Pepper Pistol Kits, Ammo, Co2 and Concealable Holsters.

The Byrna HD is a powerful, .68 calibre, Co2 air-fired non lethal personal security device. The Byrna was engineered to be a similar size and weight as a standard service pistol, making it easily adoptable for gun owners and practical for self defense.

Engineered as a non-lethal device that can effectively deter, disorient and delay attackers. The compact design of the Byrna allows it to be hidden comfortably inside a purse or inside a concealed carry holster.

Upon impact, the pepper particles from these rounds disperse, causing respiratory distress and temporary vision impairment to anyone exposed to the particles.

Although the Byrna is a .68 calibre we do not recommend use of normal paintballs due to the fact that the balls may break, we recommend the use of .68 calibre solid or .68 calibre pepper balls.

The Byrna HD Ready Less Lethal Pepper Pistol Kit includes 1 x Spare 5 Round Magazine, 2 x Co2 Cartridges, 1 x 5 Round Tube of Self-Defense Rounds, 1 x 5 Round Tube of Training Inert Rounds, 1 x 5 Round Tube of Training Solid Rounds.

Click here for info on the Byrna HD Ready Less Lethal Pepper Pistol Kit: https://www.tacticaldistributors.co.za/205_byrna

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