Smokeless Range SA Judgemental and Marksmanship Simulator

We are very excited to introduce the Smokeless Range SA Judgemental and Markmanship Simulator currently based at the TDSA Boksburg branch.

Making use of an advanced IR camera and software, the Smokeless Range Simulator allows for the training of both handgun and rifle (Shotgun coming soon.) marksmanship using both visible and invisible (IR) lasers and realistic training devices in a safe, controlled and cost effective manner.

We currently have handgun (Glock 17, Beretta 92 and CZ P07) and rifle (LM5/Galil and AR-15) training weapons that can be used to replicate the real thing at a fraction of the cost of live fire on the range. Select gas blowback recoil enabled training weapons are available on request. 

The simulator itself offers a wide number of standard programs and exercises to help train and improve proficiency in all aspects of marksmanship from complete beginners and novices to advanced/tactical operators and sport shooters.

Over and above a number of standard marksmanship drills, there are Target Identification, Moving Target, Target Transitional, Shoot, No Shoot and several other drills all designed to improve every aspect of marksmanship in a structured and measurable manner. We are also able to create custom courses of fire and exercises according to one's training requirements. If one combines physical training aides, props and barriers with the customiseable software, the training possibilities are only limited by ones imagination!
For Sport Shooting enthusiasts, there are 5 full IPSC stages that can be shot in a number of different ways using IPSC Comstock Scoring including paper targets, steel targets, texas stars and a number of other features. There is also a full Steel Challenge program that allows you to shoot and train all 8 Steel Challenge Stages including: Five to Go, Showdown, Smoke and Hope, Outer Limits, Accelerator, Pendulum, Speed Option and Roundabout.
The system also offers a number of video training scenarios which test the student's judgemental and other skills in a number of simulated real life scenarios with branching outcomes depending on how the student performs during the scenario. These scenarios are quite advanced and require an instructor to oversee the training. Due to a number of factors, it is very difficult to teach and train use of force (When it is and isn't lawful to use a firearm.) and the Smokeless Range SA Simulator is about as close as you can get to the real thing.

Custom scenarios can be filmed and created for specific scenarios such as CIT, home invasions, business robberies etc. Contact us if you would like us to quote you on creating custom scenarios for your company or department.

The Smokeless Range SA Simulator is ideal for anyone from private individuals, sport shooters and security, law enforcement and military professionals who wish to hone and improve their marksmanship skills in a safe, controlled and cost effective manner.

We are currently showcasing the simulator at the TDSA Boksburg branch. Please feel free to pay us a visit and make use of the system free of charge for 30 minutes and give us your feedback. (Subject to Staff and simulator availability.) Please make sure to follow Covid-19 health protocols at all times and make sure to sanistise your hands before and after making use of the system.

The system is mobile and sets up in less than 5 minutes within a 3m x 3m space.

Whether you are a private individual or community group, a sport shooter or a security or law enforcement professional, the Smokeless Range SA Judgemental and Markmanship Simulator will help you achieve your training goals safely, conveniently and cost effectively.


The following costs apply if you would like to book dedicated time for yourself, a group or your company on the simulator:

User Based/Self Training: (Own use of simulator, no instructor.)

R100.00 for 30 minutes per person.
R150.00 for 1 Hour per person.

* Maximum of 4 people per session.
** Different fees are applicable to larger group bookings depending on your requirements.

The above costs include:

- Exclusive use of the Smokeless Range SA Simulator for the specified time period.
- Brief introduction and familiarisation on how to use the system. (If required.)
- Training Session Sheet to log/record your training and progress. (Optional.)
- Use of 1 x Glock 17 Laser Training Weapon.
- 2 x Magazines for reloading drills.
- 1 x Glock Holster and Magazine Pouch.

Extra Training Aides available at an extra cost: (Subject to availability.)


- Recoil Enabled Glock 17 Training Weapon - R30.00 per session. (Includes 1 x 12g CO2 Canister.)
- Recoil Enabled Beretta 92 Training Weapon - R30.00 per session. (Includes 1 x 12g CO2 Canister.)
- Recoil Enabled CZ P07 Training Weapon - R30.00 per session. (Includes 1 x 12g CO2 Canister.)
- 12g CO2 Canister for Recoil Enabled Training Handguns at R9.00 per Canister.
- SIRT Visible Laser Glock Training Weapon - R50.00 per session.
- SIRT Invisible (IR) Laser Glock Training Weapon - R100.00 per session


- LM5/Galil Rifle - R30.00 per session.
- AR-15 with Red Dot Optic - R30.00 per session.

* All training weapons come with 2 magazines for reloading drills.

Terms and Conditions:

- No real or live firearms are allowed on or near the Smokeless Range SA Simulator at any time.
- While only inert training weapons are allowed when using the simulator, please follow the universal basic firearm safety rules at all times even when using training weapons.
- Please follow relevant Covid-19 health protocols at all times.
- Do not point a training weapon or laser at a person at any time.
- Training sessions start as soon as the student(s) arrive at the simulator.
- Please be mindful of others who wish to make use of the simulator and vacate the simulator as soon as your allocated training session time ends.
- Bookings will be forfeit if you do not arrive within 10 minutes after the booked session start time and you will be liable to pay for 30 minutes of simulator time.
- We cannot and do not guarantee simulator availablility unless a booking has been requested and confirmed by us via

We are able to provide an instructor to assist you, your group or company to achieve your specific training goals. Please reach out to us with your requirements to book a training session.

Instructors, companies and other interested parties who wish to make use of the simulator and book group or bulk time or to purchase a system are welcome to contact us and we will quote you accordingly.

Please do not hestitate to contact us with any questions or queries at all whatsoever at or call 011 823 2401.

Train SMART, Train SAFE, Train OFTEN.